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Thank you for considering Life Science Angels for your funding. Before you get started, be sure to carefully review our website and the investment criteria below. We receive about 300 deal submissions a year, so please consider how your company fits with LSA’s investment interests. We recommend that you apply only after you are confident that your business meets our criteria.

Deal Criteria
We are looking in particular for companies which solve an important need in healthcare and have demonstrated proof of concept, strong IP positions/barriers to competitors, and/or direct evidence from current or prospective customers of market demand. Business plans should clearly indicate a financing and exit strategy with attractive timelines and returns for angel investors, and angel financing should achieve significant value-building milestones. 

While LSA invests in promising companies around the country, they are typically headquartered in the San Francisco area or in the locality of a close co-investor such as another angel group. LSA only invests in domestic C corporations.

Deals that are referred by our members, former members, our professional colleagues, or through syndication with another angel group constitute the majority of deals we have funded. Historically, “cold submissions” rarely have been funded. It will help significantly to work through colleagues to find a referral. 

Please complete the application carefully, it is a very important component of early comparative screening of the 300 deals we see each year. It is a measure of a serious application to not just fill in "see executive summary".

Both the information you submit and the due diligence information obtained by LSA may be shared with other angel networks, investors and funds in accordance with our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

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